Why WHERETOGLOW is needed within the Beauty industry

The British association of beauty therapy & cosmetology (Babtac), British beauty council, The national hair and beauty federation (NHBF) and the UK spa association  conducted research in July 2021, the conclusion found that 39% of beauty therapists had taken a short course giving instant accreditation and began to provide these treatments immediately.

The main problem arising from these courses were issues with obtaining credible insurance policies to protect the customer and therapist. Wheretoglow ensures that any members advertising their business on our site has the appropriate and in-date insurance documentation. Wheretoglow has included non- aesthetic technicians only use the 3 licensed Botulinum brands in the UK as part of their treatments. This is included within standards. Our Standards

Following the pandemic, a rise in ‘short beauty courses’ were seen due the accessibility and convenience. Once these courses have been taken, a therapist is able to offer the learned services immediately, despite any post training experience or case studies. Wheretoglow asks for members to provide us with all training certificates to ensure the training that has been taken is accredited along with valid insurance.

The customer deserves better, as for most people a beauty treatment is a treat, with the cost of living increasing and household budgets tightening, the quality of treatments is crucial.

After conducting a survey, we received reports that beauty businesses are struggling to compete with freelance uninsured, unregistered therapists who are also not declaring their income. One reputable business owner reported that “someone on my social media completed an unaccredited course and are now offering these treatments from her personal site and not informing HMRC she is working”. Wheretoglow has started a growing community within a networking group, here members can express any issues they may be facing.

This needs to stop, the beauty industry has already faced dramatic effects following the pandemic, local reputable businesses need to be supported, see Hairdressers and beauty therapists, a struggling industry, support your local businesses

“The saddest part is reputable beauticians who are completing accredited, appropriate training are losing out on valuable custom, causing some to leave the industry or seek employment alongside their passion”

This why we and credible business owners believe that Wheretoglow is so important for this industry, it is bringing about some much-needed regulation for our customers.


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