Why we advocate for Medics and Non-Medics at Wheretoglow

Why do we advocate for Medics and Non-Medics at Wheretoglow?

Some of you may have watched the recent ITV programme ‘Botched-Inside the Beauty Business’ ITV   over the last week, talking about ‘botched’ beauty treatments and bringing light to the fact that the industry is so unregulated, focusing mostly on an unfair narrative towards ‘Non-Medics’ within the aesthetics industry. The programme particularly suggested bad practice performed from those that aren’t medically trained, creating a potentially negative review towards these businesses within the industry.

Some ask us, why do we advocate for both and medics and non-medics on our directory, and the answer for us is so simple. We believe bad practice can occur anywhere, irrelevant of whether the practitioner is a medic or not. Safe practice is paramount within the industry of offering invasive treatments and we believe that safe practice and skills come from correct education and skills practice. Individuals that are not medically trained can invest in their knowledge to be able to give their clients the safest experience and highest standard of client care.

Whilst we believe being medically trained is a fantastic service to be able to offer consumers, we do not believe that this should be essential in order for safe practice to be performed. Both Jess and Chloe (Founders of WTG) come from nursing backgrounds with over 20 years between them, believe that the industry is lacking poorly in regulation and measures need to be put into place to assure safety. With the possible new legislation coming into effect in the future, the industry will possibly more governed, putting an end to poor practice.

Could training academy’s become more governed too? Whilst most academy’s are fantastic and contribute to the amazing and talented practitioners we currently have working in the industry, sadly there are some that prove to need more regulation. We have noticed how difficult it is to find medic-led training for non-medics, we find this extremely troubling within an industry that is working so hard to achieve standardisation.

At Wheretoglow we believe that all aesthetics practitioners, whether medic or non-medic should come together and work as a team to help provide safe practice and better framework for all practitioners to achieve regulation. Client safety should be the number one goal, not creating a divide between the two.

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