Why not to ‘DIY’ your beauty treatments and leave it to the professionals

As tempting as it is at times to just ‘pop’ to the high street or even supermarket to purchase the supplies you need to DIY. Don’t! You know very well that these supplies are just a recipe for disaster and will end up costing you more in the long run (and possible public embarrassment).

With the present saturated market within the beauty industry, it can be frustrating at times when you want that ‘glow up’ as soon as it pops into your head but have to wait for consultations, available appointments and even for the professional to have the chance to get back to you. Then there’s the cost that may cause you to think ‘I can just do that myself’, trust me you can’t, you won’t look how you imagined, that high end finish won’t be applied, and no aftercare advice will be given. Essentially, you’ll be left on your own looking like a bit of a t*t frantically searching begging and pleading for an expert to correct your mistakes.

(If that’s you right now, search here to find an expert…Home

So, what are paying for when you seek treatments with the professionals?

-Remember you aren’t just paying for the treatment

-Top quality products and materials

-Years of experience and training

-Overheads that the professional may have such as electricity bills, rent and petrol etc.

-Aftercare advice

-Corrections that may need to take place

-Behind the scenes admin

Whilst this has been put across light-heartedly, there also can be serious implications and risks to DIY beauty treatments. An Australian TV Reality star was recently hospitalised after following a ‘Tik Tok Beauty Hack’ leaving her temporarily blind in one eye. The trend involved the star putting needles into her skin!

The various amount of beauty treatments that are available to us now are second to none, but remember they do not come without risk. Many treatments contain harmful products that in the wrong hands can go very wrong.

Don’t be a ‘DIYer’ and get your ‘GLOW UP’ here today…GLOW UP

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