The Evolution of the Eyebrow

Eyebrows, such a small aspect of ones face but oh so underestimated.

If you’re reading this and only know the eyebrow as a beautiful, well sculpted masterpiece of the face, then you are most probably young enough to have not made those dreadful decisions to ‘over pluck’ , terribly pencil in or even shave (yes, I did that!). You will have never had to go through the torture of trying to right your wrongs through the mammoth task of growing them back either!

That’s exactly what I decided to do during the lockdown. Due to years and years of over plucking in the noughties, I had to face the consequences the hard way. I thought the lockdown would be the perfect time to complete this task as where would I be going? Instantly I had forgotten that I worked for the NHS and still had to go to work modelling the slugs that were my brows. I had become so over the long task in the morning of attempting to make my eyebrows look half decent, a task that was extra long with three children! I continuously reminded myself “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”- Good job really! Once they were grown enough I would finally be able to get a professional to sort them out for me!

So, the evolution of the eyebrow…

Lets throwback to the 50’s, where stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn influenced the world. Resources were not as advanced as today, although this didn’t stop the girl’s glamming up! Eye shadow was used to create a bold arched brow.

Moving on to the swinging 60’s, Twiggy had taken over; even the eyebrows took a back seat. Thick eyeliner was all in, causing the eyebrows to be overlooked.

Eyebrows in the 70’s still didn’t have much time to shine, flower power and disco dancing caused women to embrace extravagant, bright coloured eye shadows, again ignoring the eyebrows.

The 80’s embraced the natural, overgrown, bushy eyebrow with icons such as Madonna showing us how it was done. Madonna modelled a darker tone of ‘brushed up’ eyebrows, setting an iconic trend (if only she knew about lamination then!).

In come the 90’s , well I’m not really sure what happed with us 90’s babies but we seemed to take measures into our own hands and tweezers became our new best friends! Well , fast forward thirty years and they turned out to be our worst enemies (as if the 90’s were thirty years ago.. urrgh ).

So, we thought the 90’s were bad. When we thought they couldn’t get any worse, or thinner for that matter… oh be prepared to be amazed. Its quite simple if you’ve watched Shrek and caught a glimpse of the ugly sister then need I say anymore. That was us, and yes we thought we were stunning!

Now we’ve made it to the time where there’s a range of options we can chose from (for most of us, to rectify our mistakes). There’s so many talented eyebrow technicians out there trained in microblading, tinting, threading, lamination, micro-shading, micro-feathering, nano brows, the list goes on.

So if you were like me and need help rectifying those awful choices we made in the past then visit to give those eyebrows a glow up.

Never underestimate the power of the brow.

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