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Classic lash extensions
The most natural style of Lashes , applying one Lash per natural Lash.
Hybrid lash extensions
Hybrid is a step up from classic lashes, adding a few really liked fans into the set.
Light Russians
Light Russians are really small number of fans applied to each natural Lash
Russian volume
Russians are more of a full look, giving a dark lash line, adding volume to the lashes
Mega Volume Lashes
The thickest style of Lashes , that you can ask for giving extreme volume and thickness
Brow wax
Eyebrow wax
Brow tint
Eyebrow tint using Hannah or normal tint on the hair. Henna tints the skin as well.
Refill service
Offering a refill service for people with the last shampoos to save you buying a new bottle.

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