Men in beauty-Stop the stigma

The beauty industry within the UK brought in 8.6 billion in revenue last year alone, with more than 46,000 hair and beauty businesses operating in 2021. It’s fair to say that the industry is very popular and pretty huge!

But how many men in UK utilise the services that are provided? Statistics show that 94% of people working in the industry are female. But how many men undergo beauty treatments?

Statistics may show higher readings due to men regularly taking part in grooming time at barbers for example. What about other services that are available?


-Skin care routines


-Anti-wrinkle treatments (yes men get wrinkles too!)

-Hair colouring


… and so on. We undertook a survey reaching out the British male public asking men 3 simple questions:

1.Do you have regular beauty treatments?

2.Would you tell your friends if you have/were to have beauty treatments?

3.Do you think there is a stigma behind men receiving beauty treatments and why?

After pulling our results together from a mixture of males in the public we found that 67% of men do receive beauty treatments other than visiting a barber, only 23% said that they would openly tell others about their treatments and 95% of males that took part in our survey believe that there is still a stigma behind beauty treatments in males.

Sadly, these results did not shock us, especially how so many agreed to there being a huge stigma behind males receiving beauty treatments. We are strong believers that beauty is for all, the positive impact these treatments can provide to clients is so important to our mental health. Feeling your best should be catered for all.

Men that participated in our survey expressed their reasons why they believed there was still a stigma behind this.

Matt said “I don’t see why men shouldn’t be able to treat themselves and feel their best in 2022, I don’t personally get any done other than a hair and beard trim but if I did, I wouldn’t tell my mates, they would ‘rip me’ “

Sean said “I think it’s still seen as quite a femine thing to do, men are still portrayed as being ’emotionless’ and being too well groomed just isn’t what we are supposed to do, this is obviously ridiculous”.

Tom said “ I love it, I have filler, facials, I get my eyebrows done, I don’t care what anyone has to say, it makes me happy and that’s all I care about. I’ve been known to wear foundation when I get break outs too, if its good enough for ladies then it’s good enough for me”

Luckily, treatments and products for men are improving. More products are being advertised that are catered for men, with celebrities advertising these on television and social media. Products are evolving too, can you remember all male products would be 3-in-1 consisting of practically shampoo, conditioner, body wash, aftershave, toothpaste and who knows what! However, we are now starting to see a broader range of products with more tailored needs specified to different preferences.

With products improving we need to stop the stigma behind men wanting to feel good about themselves. Men too can be body conscious and want to look and feel healthy.

Let’s break the stigma and help promote beauty in males. Do you run a beauty business and treat males? Encourage them to share their experiences, post photos on your social media (with their permission), create some deals for men only? Do you cater to male treatments? Do you have specified treatments that men have?

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