WHERETOGLOW members will adhere to these standards throughout their membership:

  • Practising safely in the workplace/customer’s homes
  • Customer reviews
  • Code of conduct
  • Consultations and payments
  • Membership requirements

Practising safely in the workplace/customer’s homes:

Members of WHERETOGLOW will agree to practice with respect and to the highest of standards.

Members will:

  • Ensure safety is paramount when performing treatments
  • Follow all government guidelines that are relevant to their practice COSHH Beauticians
  • WHERETOGLOW standards will be met whilst working
  • Ensure consultations have been carried out and are sure that the customer has been informed of the process of treatment and aftercare

Customer reviews:

Customer reviews provided on WHERETOGLOW’s platform are valued greatly and will be encouraged continuously. These valued reviews will determine of ethos at WHERETOGLOW and provide our customers with the honesty and safe conduct they seek.

WHERETOGLOW members will:

  • Encourage all customers to leave a review on the platform following the provided steps.
  • Will not falsify any reviews
  • Will adhere to complaints policy if/when a negative review has been produced.

To protect the integrity of your business WHERETOGLOW will utilise our specialist review management team to approve all reviews before being listed on your portfolio. Negative reviews will be investigated and our complaints policy will be followed when needed.

Code of conduct:

We expect all members to perform treatments in an honest and professional manner.

Members will agree to:

  • Treat all customers with honesty and respect.
  • If members are performing treatments within the customers home, then all belongings will be treated with respect and all surrounding working areas will be left in an acceptable manner.
  • Current policies and procedure that businesses provide will be available if requested by a customer.
  • Customers privacy will be respected and confidentiality will be taken seriously, regarding customers medical history/ health that may affect treatments.
  • Comply with all training guidance and requirements,
  • Non aesthetic nurses/technicians will only use the 3 licenced Botulinum- Azzalure, Botox, Bocouture

Consultations and payments:

We expect members to be honest with customers during a consultation and inform clients of all possible outcomes. Members will inform customers to the best of their knowledge- where full knowledge is not obtained then treatments should not be agreed. Full payments will not be requested until treatment has been performed.

Membership requirements:

All new members will undergo checks tailored by WHERETOGLOW. These checks will consist of providing proof of insurance where invasive treatments are offered (aesthetics) and training details that are all are in date. For independent self employed  aesthetics companies proof of treatment risk liability, public liability and product liability insurance will be requested. For larger companies such as clinics we will require proof of a cosmetology license, treatment risk liability, public liability and product liability insurance. None of these details will be displayed on your individual portfolio, all details will comply with our safe keeping policy. Details will not be sold on to any third parties.

Those offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments will be asked to provide proof of medical training with a medical personal identification number. If member no longer withholds medical registration, then proof of medical training will be requested.

Failing to comply with these standards can result in membership being suspended or terminated. Become a member