How to Create an Effective New Year Plan

It’s that time of the year again when we hear the cheesy ‘New Year, New Me’ phrase. We much prefer the concept of building on yourself, growing yourself/business, creating goals and achieving them and giving yourself the best chance of growth for 2023.

So, who else sets unrealistic resolutions and goals in January and feels like a complete failure in February when you realise you are nowhere near on the right path to where we want to be? The key to success is to be realistic with your goals and to take these step-by-step to monitor your progress and ensure you are on the correct path to meeting your end goals. There’s so much you need to think about when you are setting these goals:

1.What is it you actually want to achieve as a whole?

2.What small milestones do you need to hit on the way to your ultimate goal?

3. When do you want to achieve this by? Can you split your steps into smaller 3-month plans?

4. Have you considered what resources you may need to achieve these goals?

5. Most importantly, how are you going to reward yourself when you achieve these goals?

Think of these 5 points and jot down your answers to the questions, already you are starting to set yourself a rough idea of what and how you are going to achieve these goals.

Consider creating a 3-month plan, record in the title what the main goal is for this month, for example it may be to start a new training course/research or further your knowledge in a subject that must be done prior to reaching your main goal for the year. We advise to keep these simple and clear. Here are steps you can add into your plan:

1.Heading- stating what the goal is.

2.What actions do you need to take to apply this.

3.Does this action have any costs? Do you have the funds for this or do you need to make a plan for funding first?

4.Set the 3 month plan into 3 separate months stating what the goal is for each month.

5.Record what your expected results will be, once the 3 months has finished record the actual results and record any comments that you may have. Did you struggle with anything? Is there something that didn’t work out to plan? This part is so important to reflect on because you can then go back and look on any improvements that you may need to apply on your next plan.

TOP TIP: Keep all of your plans, they are really interesting to look back on when you have finally achieved your goals and are where you want to be. The results will be evidence to show how far you have come.

TOP TIP: Keep your plan displayed in a place where you will constantly be able to see it, storing it away in a desk drawer is no good.

TOP TIP: Next to your plan, create a vision board to remind you of why you have set these goals and how you are going to treat yourself at the end!

Do not hesitate to email us for a 3-month plan template at

Here are wheretoglow we wish you all the success and happiness going into 2023 and we want to thank you for your continued support.

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