At WHERETOGLOW we encourage our members customers to share their experiences through our reviewing system. In the rare event that a customer has a complaint against a WHERETOGLOW member they will be directed to our complaints policy where these issues can be resolved.

Where negative comments/discrepancies may occur we advise that the consumer at first follows these steps to assist in resolving the issue.

Step one: Make business aware that you are not happy with the service you have been provided, within a timely manner. Be clear on what the issue is, take photos but do not post these on social media.

Step two: Give the business an opportunity to rectify your issue within a timely manner and appropriate standard.

Step three: If customers own efforts to resolve the issue are not successful then utilise our reviewing system and ensure contact information is accessible. A member of our review management team will be in contact following our complaints policy.

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  • Consumers to ensure all contact information are accessible on review for further enquiries we may require.
  • We are unable to publish reviews anonymously due to contacting our members of any negative reviews we have received; members also have the opportunity to discuss the issue. In the event that the consumer may wish to remain anonymous then we encourage contact to be made through
  • WHERETOGLOW’S review management team will contact businesses where consumers have been unsuccessful in resolving discrepancies individually. 7 days will be allowed for a response to allegations.
  • We may request further information and evidence such as proof of payment and photos to assist us further.
  • If a fair complaint has been raised then this will be posted on the business’s individual platform of reviews for public to view.
  • If complaint is agreed as a serious issue, then membership will be suspended due to our standards not being met and inadequate services are not tolerated at WHERETOGLOW.
  • Advice to contact trading standards and advice/help services such as citizens’ advice will be given.
  • At the unfortunate event where serious concerns are raised for the consumers health then please seek medical advice.