Beauty for all

Whilst we as a brand promote body, facial and hair transformations with the aid of a wide range of  beauty treatments. We want to express the importance we feel towards being comfortable and positive within your own skin.

With the help of social media, photoshop and filters the world has created an ‘ideal beauty’ or the ‘perfect woman/man’ that does not exist. The ideas of this false perception are causing more harm than good, especially for the younger generation. Young teenagers are viewing influencers and celebrities as role models, many experiencing anxiety due to not looking the way the celebrities do… when in fact not even they look like this in the flesh!
However, despite this we do want to express how not all social media influencers and celebrities are causing teenagers harm, celebrities such as Stacey Solomon Stacey’s Instagram and Scarlett Moffatt  Scarlett’s Instagram are truly inspirational to all generations. Setting a great example for body positivity and how to be comfortable in your own skin.
Whilst there’s no harm in wanting to seek beauty treatments to enhance your already natural beauty, give yourself a confidence boost or even just for convenience. We want to make sure that you are doing this for you and not due to comparing yourself to others or feeling you aren’t good enough.
Have you heard about the Dove beauty campaign? Dove beauty pledge The campaign’s aim is to make beauty a source of confidence not anxiety. Dove believes beauty is for all women (just like us) and uses ‘real’ women and not models from all shapes and sizes within their advertising where no digital distortion is used.
Beauty is for all, Irregardless of your body shape, size, gender, skin tone, physical abilities and everything that makes you you.
Nobody is you… and that is your super power.
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