WHERETOGLOW’s aim is to ensure businesses that are offering hair, beauty and non-surgical aesthetic treatments can ensure the utmost safety to their clients. Treatments are becoming more invasive, therefore causing higher risk with the use of chemicals and needlework especially. Within an unregulated sector, we need to provide accountability for the treatments provided and a guarantee for the customer that they are being treated by someone with the correct knowledge, skills, qualifications and insurance.

Since the COVID pandemic the industry has suffered dramatically, businesses are under strain from the need for people to have treatments decreasing due to a change in behaviour. At WHERETOGLOW we strive to inform you of the variety of treatments that are available and the positive impact these treatments can have on your wellbeing.

There has been an increase of people enrolling in budget saving, uninsurable and unsafe courses. This is causing honest and reputable businesses significant harm with also little repercussions. That’s why at WHERETOGLOW we ensure every business member has passed our tailored checks to ensure credibility and that they meet our standards set out in our FAQs